Agendas and Minutes

 Pike Township Trustee’s Office 

Annette M. Johnson, Trustee David Willis, District 1 Nabeela Virjee, Deputy Trustee 

Steve Anderson, District 2 

Burnice “Bernie” Head, District 3 

Claudette Peterson, District 4 

Cynthia Renea Oda, District 5 

1) Approval of Minutes 

a. Nov. 12, 2020 

2) Introductions 

a. New Board Members 

b. Chris Tragesser, Fire Chief 

c. Jeff Bellamy, Township Counsel 

d. Beth Marsh, Accountant 

3) Township Board Elections 

a. President 

b. Secretary 

4) Township Financial Update 

a. Nov. 2020 Financials 

5) Resolution for Auto-Debit of Health Claims, Premiums, and Admin Fees 

6) Review of Proposed 2021 Township Assistance Guidelines 

7) PTFD Update 

8) Trustee Updates 

a. 2020 RHIF Update 

b. Deputy Trustee – Maternity Leave Plan 

c. 2021 Union Contract Negotiation Year 

9) Adjournment 

Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 2, 2021 

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