Station 61

4881 W 71st St.
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Houses Engine 61, Ladder 61, Medic 61, Safety 60, Battalion Commander 60 and is the Headquarters for Pike Township Fire Department.

Services Offered at this Station:

  • Fire and EMS

  • Heavy Tactical, Extrication

  • ALS Engine

  • 100′ Ladder Truck

  • ALS Transporting Medic

  • Safety Officer

  • Battalion Chief

  • Mutual Aid – Brownsburg, Carmel, IFD, WTFD, SFD

House Captain

Capt. Brent Hatter

A Shift

  • Lt. Lloyd Effner
  • Lt. Chris Heath

B Shift

  • Lt. Corey Johnson
  • Lt. Kevin Elmore

C Shift

  • Capt. Brian Sauer
  • Capt. Brent Hatter

Battalion Chief

A Shift

  • Wilkey

B Shift

  • Voight

C Shift

  • Tragesser

Safety Officer

A Shift

  • Brent Goolsby

B Shift

  • Aaron Brown

C Shift

  • Calvin Young

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