The Food Pantry at Pike Township Trustee’s Office

The Pike Township Food Pantry exists to aid those who might need food on an emergency basis. Pike Township residents may call (317) 291-5801 to request emergency food assistance. The office hours for food items are 11am-2pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

We are always grateful to receive donations of the following non- perishable items:

· Canned Fruit

· Canned Meats (Chicken, Tuna, Beef, Ham)

· Canned Vegetables

· Canned “Chunky” Soups

· Macaroni & Cheese

· Peanut Butter

· Jelly

· Boxed Pasta Dishes

· Boxed Rice Dishes

· Pasta

· Spaghetti Sauce

· (Other) Pasta Sauce

*Please make sure all donated items are within the expiration date

We also accept donations of personal care items:

· Razors (Men & Women)

· Shaving Cream

· Toothbrushes

· Toothpaste

· Shampoo

· Conditioner

· Soap

· Toilet Paper

· Paper Towels

· Mouthwash

· Baby Wipes

· Diapers (all sizes)